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Welcome to Do the Twist

As a lover of vintage-wear, I always found it a struggle to find a hair accessory that would work for me - my hair was fine and slippery and my personal preference to keep my hair super-short and low-maintenance had me searching for an alternative solution... And thus...Do the Twist Twisties were born.

These are much easier to put on than you'd think! Was really surprised. Thank you!


"I'm surprised how confident I feel in it. Makes a bad hair day look good!"


"I’m officially addicted!!.... I love a head adornment and these mean I can just forget about my hair on bad hair days whilst knowing my head is still looking cool"


Life before Twisties

When you're looking for that elusive 'thing' to complete your outfit but you've not quite found it...

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Admit it....

You left your Twisties at home didn't you.

Ok - I'm sharing this one because it's adorable.

And I'd not get him in a Twisty... otherwise I'd totally be sharing a photo of him wearing that instead...

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