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Bespoke Collection

Bespoke Collection

Do you run a business in which you'd like to sell your very own 'bespoke' Twisties to your clients? I've worked with Beauty and Aesthetic businesses to diversify their offering and give them the opportunity to sell their very own range Twisties to their clients.

Or maybe you'd like to use our Towelling Twisties within your business? We have created a Towelling Twisty with a removable wire, meaning you can use a Twisty to keep your clients hair out of their face, look utterly fabulous during treatment, and then simply remove the wire to pop the Twisty into the washing machine and ready to use on another client. 

If you're interested in talking about a bespoke Twisty or a Towelling Twisty, drop me an email at 


Pinks & Purples

Announcing the new Collection - Pinks & Purples - launching 27th February 2021 at midday.

If you're looking for a Twisty in either Pink or Purple, then this is the place to be! 

Satins & Silks

Satins & Silks

Satin has long been hailed as the ultimate in hair-friendly fabrics, so if you're looking for a Twisty that'll take care of your curls, this is the place to find them.


If you're looking for something a little narrower than our Original Twisties, then look no further than our Slimline collection.

Splish-Splash Twisties

Splish-Splash Twisties

If you've been looking for a little extra fabulous for your hot tub, or add a little drama to your swimwear, then one of our waterproof Twisties is just the thing! These Twisties are made from waterproof fabric, meaning you can keep your hair out of the water without wrecking your Twisty!

The Liberty prints.

A collection of twisties made from a selection of Liberty of London prints and fabrics - a truly luxurious collection.