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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm the creator of Do the Twist.

Anyone who knows (or indeed sees me) will see that I have a bit of a love for vintage-wear. I love big fabulous skirts, petticoats, pretty shoes and all the elegance, chic and sass that a 1950s-style wardrobe has to offer. The one element I've struggled with, however, is the hairstyling.... it's high-maintenance and hard work and I have four children. I also have super-fine hair so my hair has always been a bit of a mismatch with my 50s wardrobe. 

Then we had lockdown. And my cropped hair got longer and tickled my ears and my neck. I got annoyed. 

So I buzzed it off. 


I loved it. I love keeping it super-short and I feel edgy and a little bit scary with it like that. However, I do also like to mix things up a bit and I wanted to give myself some different styling options. I had some truly fabulous narrow wired scarves but with my head looking like a baby duckling, I just ended up looking like an Easter egg. It wasn't a good look. So I decided it was time to try and make something a little bigger... a little wider... a little more flamboyant... 

I made my very first Twisty. It was made from Leopard print satin. 

I loved it. 

My friends loved it. A couple of vintage-loving friends said 'could you make me one please?'... So I did. 

And so Do the Twist was born.

I've had loads of support. My husband Richard has been amazing with his encouragement (he even gave up his office space so that I'd have somewhere to work). My brand is a fabulous creation from Russell Turner (who created the branding for Hotel Chocolat so I feel immensely privileged to have his work represent my brand). 

It has grown fast and I'm loving it. I'm loving seeing how other women are loving their twisties, seeing how they style them, loving their support and encouragement... And I can't wait to see how things progress. 

So I welcome you to my brand new shop, and I look forward to seeing how YOU do the Twist! 

Much love 


Amy x

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