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Back in 2011, my husband Richard left the company he was working in to start up his own business. It was a massive step - taking that leap of faith that he could go it alone, continue to support his family financially, get the clients in and succeed. I know that whilst he was excited and filled with hope, that there was also a great deal of trepidation and he felt the weight of the trust and faith that I had in him.

I knew he could do it. He is a supremely talented marketer and salesperson, an amazing people-person and incredibly focused and one of the most hard-working people I know. So I bought him a gift.

A beautiful leather Aspinal of London notebook embossed with “Richard Crawford-Small

He loved the notebook. It has been filled with ideas, thoughts, plans and comments. It wouldn’t be unusual for him to wake up and reach for his notebook on waking to write down an idea that he’d had in the middle of the night. He was also rather uncomfortable (he admitted several years later) with the word “Entrepreneur” on it. To him, I might as well have written the word “prat” on it. However, as his business grew and changed (and there have been many ups and downs during those years - it has been a hard slog), he realised that this was exactly what he was.

An entrepreneur. And he is very very good at it. So much so that he now works in the field of helping business owners in the Aesthetics sector become successful entrepreneurs in their own right. He helps them achieve their goals.

He has also helped me. Back in 2020, as we waded through the quagmire of the biggest global epidemic in living memory, I’d bought a sewing machine and had started making the wired headscarves that would lead me to starting up a business of my own.

Do the Twist was born and with Richard’s advice, guidance and example, I’ve steadily grown my little seedling off an idea into a growing brand and business.

Today, he gave me a gift. My very own, beautiful Aspinal notebook. Now I have my own Recipe Book - a place to write thoughts, ideas, inspiration and plans for growth. It’s a bit scary. As scary as, I imagine, Richard felt when he saw the word “Entrepreneur” emblazoned on his notebook. But I’m excited. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you all, and I thank you all for coming on it with me.

Much love

Amy xx
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