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It's really important to me that I stay in touch with my customers. If you're a member of the Twisty Facebook community - Twisted Sisters - you'll know that I'm often to be found in there, listening to feedback, asking questions and taking on board ideas. 

One of the most recent complete brainwaves was from a couple of ladies who said to me 'Amy - it would be really awesome if you were to make a Twisty we could go swimming in'. That got me thinking. I'd seen a range of waterproof fabrics from one of my suppliers and I ordered in a couple of pieces to see how they'd make up and more importantly, what they'd be like to wear. 

As it turned out, they were pretty comfortable. My biggest concern was that the fabric might feel stiff or scratchy. Not so. The fabric is supple and lightweight, and, it turned out, made rather marvellous Twisties. I've had some of my fabulous customers testing them out for me. The idea behind them was very much about keeping hair out of the water and still looking fabulous and I think we've achieved that. The fabric is still woven, so doesn't stop water from seeping in, BUT the Twisty will dry out fast and won't suffer from having gotten wet. 

So for those of you planning your next Hot Tub gathering and wanting to stand out like the glorious peacocks you are, then one of our waterproof Twisties may well be the solution.

I'm still toying with the name for the waterproof range - I'm currently leaning towards 'Splish Splash'... What do you think? 

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