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This photo was taken a year ago and this little heart was the very first thing I made on my sewing machine. I’d taken delivery of my Heavy Duty Singer in late May with a view to me making my own clothes and it had sat there, in its box, winking at me whilst I tried to pluck up the courage to take it out and make something. I was on a waiting list for lessons but lockdown had put a bit of a wait on that…
So I got it out, threaded it up and attempted something. This sorry little heart was the result. The last time I had used a sewing machine had been in primary school (I would have been about 9 years old).
Who knew that a year on, I would have a label, and made and sold over 1500 twisties in that time?
I’m really looking forward to showing you the “one year on” photo of the very first twisty which I made using an old bed sheet!
Thank you to all my lovely customers who’ve trusted me to deliver them with a beautifully made Twisty. You’ve helped me grow my business and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you.
Amy Xxx
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